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Rent. Student loans. Car payment. Insurance. Tacos. Tequila. Life. Etc etc etc… become an adult they said... it will be fun they said… Truth be told it is fun - The freedom and the experience, for sure... but adulting has its fair share of "you have to pay 1mil to live but only make $2/month."

Okay... maybe I am being dramatic.  BUT I have found that many “millennial's" (I really hate that word) are struggling to live fully due to exuberant expenses from higher cost of living which is not being coupled with higher pay.

I don’t know about you all… but I am got to the point where I was T I R E D of it.  Done. Nope. Not doing this check to check life anymore.  So I explored my options.  Unfortunately my coordination, morals and my mama said hell no to me stripping (sighhh).  I had no time for a true part-time job and I lacked the experience to get a real raise at my full time job.  What is a girl to do?  I will tell you… Get a side hustle & own that shit. 

Side hustlin’ is such a 2018 phrase although people have been doing so for years.  A side hustle is a gig that you do, aside from your full time that brings in extra cash – not the same as a part time job.  That is called more work. Extra money… prob as appealing to you as it was to me.  Many start a side hustle in a skill they already have, while others jump into something completely new and become a B O S S at it.

I had to find a way to get ahead.  So how did I start?  Well honestly… there was no real rhyme or reason.  I “accidentally” started my gig.  All of my peers had such dope hobbies... and meanwhile I was 24 and when people asked what I did for fun, all I could say was shop, eat, sleep.  Although, I truly love all of those three things, none of them were fulfilling my creative or money needs.  So guess what I did… I went to Pinterest LOL. Found a cool hobby of jewelry making.  I had initially no intentions of selling these pieces at first, but thought I would give it a try.  Etsy is every new craft makers first landing point but tip from the experienced DON’T stop there if you truly want to maximize your profits.  Within 4 years I have went from Etsy to Shopify – to now incorporating craft fairs. Money Money Money.  I started with making only about $100 extra per month.  Small amount but better than what I had.  Fast forward 4 years I make about 5 times that per month because of time, dedication and consistency.

But enough about me… I really started this post to pass on some gold knowledge nuggets for future side hustlers like yourself.  Whether you’re a craft maker, visual creative, finance guru… literally anything you can monetize, these tips below can help you:

  • Do what you love.  As cheesy as it sounds the phrase is so true, “if you do what you love, you will never have to work again a day in your life.”  Find a side hustle you will actually take pride in and love.  If you don’t love what you are doing, will you spend the time to grow it & make it a profitable business?

  • Don’t fall into fateful game of Comparison. With almost any side hustle, there are probably 100 more people making a similar product or doing the same thing.  This by no means should have any barring’s on YOUR side gig.  Although there may be others, instead of thinking about what they’re doing, start thinking about what sets you apart and how your brand is unique.  Walmart and target, Lyft and Uber, all the Etsy jewelry sellers… these are all big businesses or side hustlers who didn’t fall to comparison but made their own brand indispensable.  We all have something awesome to bring to the table.  Own your uniqueness!

  • Constantly evolve your hustle. With more things we start out knowing enough but obviously not knowing everything.  As your knowledge of the industry & #marketing grows, so should your business.  In that same thinking, times are constantly changing.  Marketing ideas, social media, technology change faster than we can probably catch up.  Make sure your business is not being left behind.  Constantly think of ways to improve but don’t try to be so innovative that your side hustle becomes confusing not only to you but also to your customers.

  • Don’t be a one man island.  Side gigs are your thing, your vision.  I think of mine as my own little baby.  But when I say don’t be a one man island, I mean don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice.  There are plenty people in this industry who have been through this before or who are currently going through the process of developing their side hustle.  Find a group of like peers to lean out.  Fresh perspectives can elevate your brand to way you may have no thought of initially!

  • Start Fresh.  It is okay to start over, or start new.  All side hustles are not meant to make you millions.  Some may be used as experience for your next great idea.  I am here as an example that it is okay to scratch that first hustle and start brand new.  New ideas come to mind daily – don’t let the weight of a failing side hustle keep you from pursuing your next big idea.  On the same tip, if you have the bandwidth, having multiple side hustles is the BOMB.  Many rich people will tell you that they became wealthy from multiple streams of income.  By all means, do not stretch yourself thin but once your first side hustle becomes profitable and self-sufficient, think of introducing in a new gig.  Just be sure that this new gig doesn’t have negative effects on your currently performing side hustle.

Side hustlin’ can be a beautiful thing with a little work and faith.  Here are some things to think about when choosing your #sidehustle – What skills do you already have that you can offer as a service/skill to others?  What is my goal for my side hustle?  How can I leverage my current connections to make my side hustle successful?  Anyone can have a successful side hustle.  All you have to do is S T A R T!

Don’t let nerves or the fear of what others may be doing or what they will think get in your way.  Take that leap and just own the #DOPE SIDE HUSTLER within.  I’m rooting for you – boss up!

Have side hustle tips or questions?  Let me know in the comments below!!

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